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Certification Patches

I hope everyone and their ponies are enjoying the sun!

I will be placing an order with the Shop Pony Club website (https://shopponyclub.org/) on Monday, January 29th. If there’s anything you want, let me know and we can split shipping costs among all who order. If you are thinking about spring or fall certifications, flash cards might be in your future.

I will be ordering Certification Patches (https://shopponyclub.org/collections/certification-patches) for my two Pony Clubbers. They got started with these when they first joined the club. It is sometimes nice to have these on a saddle pad or on a ribbon you hang in your room. It recognizes each level of successful certification. Each patch is $3.95. If you want any, let me know which ones and I’ll get you a total after I place the order and split shipping.

Enjoy the weather while it lasts. See you at the barn!