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We strive to have one mounted meeting per month and one unmounted meeting per month. For the mounted meeting, members meet for small group riding lessons with various clinicians. Sponsors (i.e. parents) help to plan these events. They are held at various times and places. For unmounted meetings, members meet for unmounted instruction and sponsors meet at the same time to plan club activities. This usually takes place on the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm, but not always.

For unmounted meetings (e.g. no riding involved), we meet in members’ homes and public locations. For mounted meetings or riding clinics, we typically meet at Bent Creek Farm in Solon, Iowa. We are also very lucky to have a fabulous facility near us at Catalpa Corner. We sometimes partner with other area Pony Clubs to provide joint clinics and these are located in various places in eastern Iowa and western Illinois.

We do a lot! While on our mounts, we do dressage, eventing, games, jumping, equitation, tetrathlon, trail rides and more. When unmounted, we learn all about horses and horse safety, from how to care for a horse to basic veterinary skills. We also have summer and winter camps, regional events, and joint day-camps with other area Pony Clubs.

Pony Club meetings and events do not replace regular lessons. Although members are not required to take lessons, we do strongly recommend a consistent lesson program.

Yes! Ownership of a horse is not required. We may be able to work with you for access to a schooling horse for mounted instruction and for learning unmounted skills as well.

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