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Land Conservation Project – Filled Mounting Blocks

The following is Kayla Bean’s land conservation project. She did this as part of the steps necessary to be eligible for getting her HB Certification. What a fantastic project! Way to go, Kayla!

For my H-B conservation project, I volunteered to do maintenance work at a local equine campground & trails, at Matsell Bridge Park in Linn County, Iowa. I contacted the park ranger to find out what jobs needed done, and he said that the biggest need was some mounting blocks. People had been using picnic tables as mounting blocks! (That is definitely not Pony-Club approved!) So I googled how to build a mounting block. I found a plan that I liked, which is a permanent mounting block, filled to the top with sand. Sand is an excellent non-slip surface and much safer than wood in wet conditions. I ended up building two mounting blocks—one at the campsite area, and one on the other side of the park, at the day-ride trailhead where people bring their trailers when they don’t want to stay overnight, but still ride on the trails. Matsell Bridge Park provided the wood and screws, I used the power tools I have at home. Also the park took care of filling the blocks with sand after I set them up.

Here are the instructions.


Cut the 2 x 6 boards:

Cut the 4 x 4 post:

Partially assemble the structure on a flat surface:

Locate the structure where you want the mounting block to be:

Tips: Give careful consideration to where you want to locate the mounting block, as you’ll set it up as a permanent structure. You can change the dimensions of the mounting block to suit your specific requirements. It is best to partially assemble the mounting block structure on a completely flat surface (cement floor would be preferable) before you put it into its permanent spot.