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Timber Ridge Pony Club

Our Club

Timber Ridge Pony Club is an active club that has members covering a large part of eastern Iowa. We have members from Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Solon, Mount Vernon and surrounding areas. We have a midsize membership that ranges from children and adults preparing for their first rating through upper levels.

Throughout the year TRPC offers several clinics. The instructors have a variety of backgrounds, from USPC National Examiners to USDF and USEA certified instructors, to instructors who have ridden with Olympic riders, to our local talents. Our clinics have covered many of the USPC disciplines. These include Dressage, Show Jump, Cross Country, Eventing, Games, Tetrathlon, and Fox Hunting. Our members have competed in these various sports all over the United States. TRPC has also been very active in the USPC Rallies. Rallies are Pony Club member only competitions. Rallies not only include the riding aspects, but Horse Management is judged also. In the past our members have participated in Quiz Rally, D Rally, Show Jump Rally, Dressage Rally, Eventing Rally, Tetrathalon Rally and Games Rally. Our club has even hosted Dressage, Show Jump, Quiz and Polocrosse Rally here in eastern Iowa, in past years.

TRPC has offered great “camps”, both during summer and winter months. Currently our Winter Camp is a great opportunity to learn all about the Horse Management topics. These include everything from grooming tools, to nutrition, to anatomy, to first aid, to poisonous plants, to the different types of wraps. There are many teaching and learning opportunities at our camps. The more advanced members teach the younger members some of the topics. The younger kids also have an opportunity to teach each other and give presentations. Teaching is a big part of Pony Club. We also have many professionals come to our camps to share their knowledge with all of our members. Winter Camp is an unmounted opportunity only, there is no riding involved. This usually takes place in January and is a great time for new members to get started with their Pony Club journey!

Our club has also offered “C” and “HA HB” study groups, for the more advanced members. Some of these sessions have been about nutrition, visits to Vet Clinics, lungeing, wrapping, etc. As a club, we have also taken several field trips, including a symposium at the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine and a feed mill. Fundraising is an important part of our club. Examples of some of our activities have been putting on our TRPC Horse Trials, doing various types of concessions stands, and tack sales. We have also sold notecards and holiday greenery in past years.

TRPC has also been invited to put on demonstrations at several events and some of our members have also been asked to teach for neighboring Pony Clubs and even 4H clubs.

Parents, whom are our sponsors, attend meetings once a month. We usually meet at a member’s house and the sponsors plan our activities and events while the members have an unmounted education session. Currently TRPC also provides monthly mounted meetings for our members. Our local instructors will offer various riding opportunities, in addition to their regular lesson program. These meetings will be another opportunity for the kids to get together and have fun riding! TRPC has lots of great things planned for our future. Come join the fun!

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