PROVISIONAL TRPC Meeting Minutes – September 8, 2020, 7 PM at Bent Creek Farm

Members attending: Rachel, Theola, Sophia, Sophie, Hana, Lucy, Evelyn, Amelia, Jean, Andria, Myah, Ariana

Sponsors attending: Lara, Stephanie, Cornelia, Kathryn, Amy, Jessica, Molly

Old Business:
Secretary’s Report – Molly: Quarantine Edition “minutes” approved. Thank you notes for big ticket items from Tack Sale have been sent.

Treasurer’s Report – Cornelia
Budget vs Actual to date: Current balance approx $5,000 in bank
Doesn’t include rating costs yet
Tack Sale Fundraiser: $1190 income
Clinic with Bernard: $670 income, expenses $933 facility and clinician
Gather any outstanding payments – None at this time

New Business:
Welcome New Members: Theola Dorsey, Myah Cooper, Ariana Cook

Tonight’s unmounted topic has two parts: 
TPR hands-on measurement by Andria Pooley 
Care of Tack by Amelia Lang-Fallon and Evelyn Greimman, girls included a hand-out

Fall Certifications – Lara
September 26th with Allie Baier 
Tentative schedule sent, final schedule posted in glass cabinet by tack room at BCF

Impartial Observer – Erin Melloy 

Scribe – Kathryn Dorsey

Lessons will be available after certifications, $40-$50 range for lessons.
Fee for Allie is $500 for 8 hrs. and she will need a hotel for Friday, Sept 25. She will have her 7 month old daughter. Amy, Lara and Cornelia will coordinate on getting a hotels nearby

Nominating Committee – Chris: tabled until next meeting, but all current officers are willing to stay in their current positions

Pony Club Store order – Lara: D manuals for new members, extra pins and order will be placed tonight (sept 8)

TRPC Gear – Molly: We will be working with Banker’s Advertising of Iowa City.  Members asked about interest in items: sweatshirts, beanies, polos, T-shirts (long and short sleeve), 1/4 zip tops, 1/4 zip fleece, jersey joggers, decals/stickers, patches, and masks.

Since the meeting, I have found out that the decals/stickers and patches can only be ordered in quantities for 50 and good quality masks can only be ordered in quantities of 100+. Officers have decided against these options for now.

Winter meeting plans during COVID – ideas:
Zoom for inclimate weather
Fun snow days
Heaters/firepit availability?
Winter camp in flux
Girls can run trot poles and jumps, discuss why they are set at certain distances

Remaining Calendar for 2020

12 – BCF Lessons

19 – BCF Lessons

26 – Certifications and lessons with Allie Baier


3 – BCF Lessons
10 – BCF Schooling

11 – BCF Mini-Event with Kate Kostenbader

13 – TRPC Unmounted Meeting, 7pm; Annual Meeting; Topic: TBD 

17 – BCF Lessons
24 – BCF Lessons
31 – BCF Lessons


7 – NCPR Regional Meeting

10 – TRPC Unmounted Meeting, 7pm; Topic: TBD
15 – Jane McDowell Clinic


8 – TRPC Unmounted Meeting, 7pm; Topic: End of Year Celebration

Our next meeting is our Annual Meeting on October 13th at 7pm. Unmounted topic and location TBD.