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TRPC Sponsor Meeting Minutes: March 10, 2020

TRPC Minutes March 10, 2020, 7pm at the Dennis/McGonagill’s

Members attending: Rachel, Alex, Lucy, Sophie, Amelia, Sophia, Evelyn

Sponsors attending: Chris, Lara, Jessica and Molly

Old Business:

Secretary’s Report – Molly:  Minutes approved from last meeting. We are working on getting thank you notes and $25 gift cards sent to Winter Camp instructors, Kate Kostenbader and Maya Losnedahl.

Treasurer’s Report – Cornelia:  All records have been updated and bank accounts reconciled.  Our Winter Camp net amount was $311.  We currently have a bank balance of $4,565.26.  Last year we netted $1,413,47.  We did not need to file a 1099 for instructors the past year.  TRPC paid for quiz rally for 3 members: Hana, Alex and Amelia.  Budget notes and Budget can be found here:

TPRC Budget Notes – March 10 – CCL


Last month’s unmounted topic was, “Changes to the USPC Eventing Standards,” taught by Emma Schmitz.  USPC will be offering a webinar on this topic on March 18, 2020 at 8 PM. https://www.ponyclub.org/Members/Webinars/

New Business:

Tonight’s unmounted topic is, “Foxhunting” taught “by consensus”

Hana, Alex and Amelia attended Quiz Rally.  They were on scramble teams and both teams won 1st Place!  Congratulations girls!

Need a parent coordinator for April and May for mounted lessons on Saturdays.  An email will be sent out asking for volunteers.

Change in BCF Fees
• $100/day to rent the facility for clinics and certifications
• $10 trailer in fee for clinics and certifications
• $20 stall fee, includes first bag of shavings

Report from Regional Meeting – Lara
• Alex, Rachel, and Amelia attended “Teach to Teach” clinic with Ali Glenn
• Lara attended NCPR Regional Meeting

Spring and Fall Certifications – Lara
• TRPC hosting spring, QCPC hosting fall
• Spring certifications will be held on Saturday, May 30th. The National Examiner will be Kim Lowman Vollmer.

• Per day cost is $500 + mileage in addition to the $100 to BCF. Kim will do certifications on Saturday and a clinic on Sunday (the 31st).

Please print your forms and checklists and start preparing now during lessons so there isn’t a huge rush right before they are due.  

• Signed intent forms, payment, and signed checklists from your instructor are due to Lara no later than April 30th. 

• You can access the intent form and a link to the checklists here: https://timberridgeponyclub.org/forms-and-standards/

Here is what I have for candidates (ALL ARE TENTATIVE)
D2 – Sophia
D3 – Evelyn
C1 Jump – Amelia
Don’t know about QCPC yet

D2 – Hana, Lucy
D3 flat – Erin
D3 – Sophie
C1 – Bella

Madeline and Olivia undecided as they look for horses

Alex, Rachel, Emma doing national certifications

Tack Sale – Lara

• Will be held at BCF in conjunction with Jane McDowell Clinic on Saturday, April 11th.  Jane’s clinic cost is $45 per rider

• Sponsors will sort through all donated items at unmounted meeting on Tuesday, April 7th.

• If people want to sell bigger ticket items (more than $50), they will need to tag it with price and agree that 20% of purchase price will be donated to club.

• Everything else can be purchased for a donation of any amount. This makes it easier to sell and we often get more money this way.

• We will set up a sign-up to help run the sale and also bring food for a meal during the day.

Unmounted Topics – what are some ideas for unmounted meeting topics for 2020? Speech Teacher in April or May to discuss projection and making yourself heard.  Certification prep/review.  Emergency dismounts/rolling away from your mount perhaps taught by a TaeKwonDo instructor.  First aid/bleeding control – Dr. Pat McGonagill

Calendar – https://timberridgeponyclub.org/calendar/

Our next meeting is April 7, 2020 at 7pm. Unmounted topic TBD.