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Timber Ridge Pony Club Minutes – September 2017 (Provisional)

Date: September 12, 2017
Place: Salm House
Time: 7:00 pm

In attendance
Members: Amelia Lang-Fallon, Evelyn Greiman, Rachel Marsh, Alex Marsh, Anna Dykstra, Kyla Salm, Andria Pooley (HM), Jean Walker (HM)
Sponsors: Kim Salm, Lara Marsh, Chris Sharp, Cornelia Lang

• Secretary’s Report: Cornelia Lang
o minutes from last meeting will be posted along with tonight’s minutes
o please read and bring any corrections to the 10 October 2017 meeting

• Treasurer’s Report – Cami
o Cami was unable to attend
o Membership renewal email (national) arrived today
o $135 annual fee if done before 15 November
o regional and local fees will be paid at 10 October 2017 meeting – bring checkbooks!

• August Mounted Meeting (Andria taught) – August 19

(Amelia, Anna, Alex, Rachel, Kyla, Maria (guest foreign exchange student), Makayla (from QCPC), and Korina (from QCPC) rode and Jean audited; Alex, Rachel, Makayla, and Korina assisted in safety checks; Alex taught Makayla, Korina, and Rachel bandaging
o It was a good day, scheduled well.
o QCPC members enjoyed themselves.

New Business:

• Water/soda sales in BCF viewing room
o Club made about $40 from sales; will do again next summer
o Cornelia will bring sales check to give to Cami at next meeting

• Saturday and Sunday (October 7 and 8) – certification (Brynna Jovanovich) at Catalpa
o Alex/Bentley – C2 flat and jumping
o Amelia/Muffin – D3 jumping
o Rachel/Bentley – C1 traditional
o Makayla/Max – C1 traditional
o Korina/Chip – C1 traditional
o Haylee/Libby – C1 traditional
o Savannah/Dexter – C1 jumping

• Clinic with Brynna also on Sunday October 8th
o Schedule getting worked on; stay tuned

• Need to schedule work half day at Bent Creek Farm
o September 24th; 1-4 pm
o Lara will coordinate with Barb and Curt on a list of tasks
o May have tack on tables for sale as a fundraiser during work day

• Need to move annual meeting to be prior to NCPR Regional Meeting
o Tuesday October 10th will be our annual meeting (vote on officers, use official agenda)
o Bring checks for local and regional

• Tack Swap Plans
o We don’t plan to attend Kirkwood Tack Swap this year as a club
o We will plan for February; social event open to all BCF, etc.
o Solon Library is a possibility
o Another option is to coordinate with September work day at BCF and have tables set up

• Calendar (see TRPC website calendar for all online form links and more information)
o 10/10 – TRPC unmounted meeting
o 11/4 – NCPR Regional Meeting
o 11/14 – TRPC unmounted meeting
o 12/12 – TRPC unmounted meeting

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Next Meeting:
Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 7:00pm