The Pony Club experience for our members is one that is both educational and fun. The following is a list of some important items members should obtain once they have joined.

  1. Pony Club Pin. This pin is worn at Pony Club functions including rallies, clinics, championships, and outside horse shows to show Pony Club pride! Members receive one pin in their new member packet. Additional pins can be purchased at Shop Pony Club.
  2. Helmet. Following Pony Club policy #0125.A, Pony Club members must wear a safety helmet in all mounted activities and in some unmounted activities.
  3. Medical Armband/Bracelet. Following Pony Club Policy #0128, members must wear a medical armband or bracelet in any USPC affiliated mounted or unmounted activity. Medical bracelets are allowed from any company who follows the UPSC requirements of five lines of information. Medical armbands can be purchased through Shop Pony Club. Be sure to update and/or replace the Medical Card insert as needed.
  4. Proper Footwear. Footwear includes any boot with a heel, such as, rubber riding boots, jodhpur boots, paddock boots, or tall boots. For unmounted activities a shoe or boot that is securely fastened, entirely closed, covers the ankle, and has a thick sole is permitted. For more information refer to section 7c in the Horse Management Handbook.
  5. Horse Management Handbook. In this handbook are the basic rules and guidelines that every Pony Club member needs to know about horse management. The handbook gets updated yearly with new horse management rules and guidelines and can be either downloaded from the Pony Club website or purchased at Shop Pony Club.