Last Saturday we hosted Allie Baier from Wisconsin for our fall certifications. Congratulations to the following Pony Clubbers:

  • Hana Hadzic – D2 Eventing
  • Sophia McGonagill – D2 Eventing
  • Lucy Gardner – D2 Eventing
  • Evelyn Greimann – D3 Eventing
  • Amelia Lang-Fallon – C1 Jumping (this now completes her C1 Eventing certification)

Thank you to Kathryn Dorsey for being a great Scribe and to Erin Melloy for being a wonderful Impartial Observer. Thanks also to Kate Murph and Emily Pelikan for riding out in a group for Amelia’s certification. Thanks to Anna Dykstra and Rachel Marsh for heading up our jump crew. As always, thanks to Barb and Curt Pooley for allowing us to use their facility. And thank you, parents, for all your help throughout the day and your love and support of your children to get them here.

It was a great day! Check out the photos here.