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TRPC Meeting Minutes – 9 April 2019 PROVISIONAL

Date – April 9, 2019, 7pm

Members: Evelyn, Amelia, Sophie, Sophia, Olivia, Jean (HM), Anna 

Sponsors: Lara, Cornelia, Joan, Bridget, Amy, Molly 

Old Business:

Secretary’s Report, minutes from last meeting – Chris

Treasurer’s Report – Cornelia presented a number of reports/updates

Alex, Rachel, and Evelyn attended Standards and Certification Clinic March 9th

Alex and Rachel attended HB Prep March 10th

Evelyn attended Everything But the Horse Rally March 10th

Lara attended Regional Meeting March 10th 

Alex and Rachel attended mounted upper level prep March 30th and 31st 

Last unmounted meeting was Yoga for Equestrians

Member goals reminder

New Business:

Certification process – Lara 

TRPC Gear – Bridget

Need weekly mounted meeting coordinator for June/July

Fundraising at Catalpa – Chris

2019 Calendar of events

Next Meeting:  May 14, 7pm