Date – April 9, 2019, 7pm

Members: Evelyn, Amelia, Sophie, Sophia, Olivia, Jean (HM), Anna 

Sponsors: Lara, Cornelia, Joan, Bridget, Amy, Molly 

Old Business:

Secretary’s Report, minutes from last meeting – Chris

  • Minutes approved from January 2019 meeting

Treasurer’s Report – Cornelia presented a number of reports/updates

  • 2018 Budget vs Actual – we went over the expenditures from last year; some receipts and records not available for full confirmation. 
  • 2019 Budget – revised budget for this year presented
  • Treasurer/Budget Peer Review – committee formed of two sponsors (Amy and Molly) to review the treasurer items presented (2018 budget, tax forms, proposed budget) and they filled out the peer review report form that Cornelia (treasurer) will upload to PC website

Alex, Rachel, and Evelyn attended Standards and Certification Clinic March 9th

  • Excellent clinic; examples of riders at different levels

Alex and Rachel attended HB Prep March 10th

  • Upper level national prep

Evelyn attended Everything But the Horse Rally March 10th

  • Evelyn part of a team that got first place! 

Lara attended Regional Meeting March 10th 

  • Cornelia, Lara, Chris donated silent auction basket for regional fundraising

Alex and Rachel attended mounted upper level prep March 30th and 31st 

  • Asia Thayer (flew in from Seattle) 

Last unmounted meeting was Yoga for Equestrians

  • Great experience for riders participating 

Member goals reminder

  • Members should present updates on how they are doing with their goals

New Business:

Certification process – Lara 

  • Intent Forms and due date (for 9, 10 July 2019 rating, the due date is 28 May 2019)
  • Checklists, planning, and due date (for 9, 10 July 2019 rating, the due date is 11 June 2019
  • Test sheets
  • Certification day
  • Flash cards for studying available at

TRPC Gear – Bridget

  • Website set up through Underground Printing
  • Bridget is looking into pricing for a variety of water bottles to sell at Catalpa

Need weekly mounted meeting coordinator for June/July

  • Person works with Andria to schedule the weekend lessons
  • Puts the schedule together including working with Andria on assigning HM topics and instructors for HM
  • Molly has volunteered for June/July – thanks Molly! 

Fundraising at Catalpa – Chris

  • Lunch for young riders workshop (providing for a set number – no sales)
  • We will need volunteers for lunch (11:30-1:30 pm) Sunday, May 5th (derby)
  • We will need volunteers for lunch (11:30-1:30 pm) Sunday, May 26th (schooling show)
  • We may possibly provide lunch (11:30-1:30 pm) Saturday, Aug 3rd (schooling day) 
  • We will need volunteers for lunch (11:30-1:30 pm) Sunday, Oct 13th (schooling show)
    • TRPC purchasing two large water coolers to provide water 
    • Catalpa is not planning to sell bottled water; emphasize recycling and filling water bottles instead

2019 Calendar of events

  • Handed out and discussed 
  • Let Lara know if your member plans to participate in any events (i.e., team forming)

Next Meeting:  May 14, 7pm