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TRPC – Meeting Minutes (April 17th 2018)

Date – April 17, 2018, 7pm, Bent Creek Farm

In attendance
Members: Alex Marsh, Amelia Lang-Fallon, Jean Walker, Evelyn Greiman
Guests: Dianna and Grace Romanick (QCPC)
Sponsors: Lara Marsh, Cornelia Lang and Chris Sharp

Old Business:
• Secretary’s Report, minutes from last meeting – Cornelia
o Minutes were approved from the last meeting.

• Treasurer’s Report
Cami was unable to attend but sent a budget for the group to review.
Generally we are on track with the budget. (see attached) Timber_Ridge_Pony_Club_Budget_2018

• Quiz Rally (Feb 2018) – Thank you to Chris for helping to plan the Barn phase; Evelyn and Amelia attended on a scramble team
o Evelyn and Amelia had a good experience, they placed 1st in their division

• April 8 – NCPR Regional Meeting – Chris went on behalf on our TRPC
o HM scoring changes – more HM weighting
o Big changes are to Tet and Games (used to not have/have a smaller HM component)
o Review of DC role; DC plays a major role in the club (Thanks to Lara for all she does!!)
o Will be another regional meeting in the fall with more offerings for members

• April 14 – Mounted lessons – Bailey Gilbert, C3 (Theola, Evelyn, Kyla, Amelia, Alex, Jean)
o Clinic went well and riders enjoyed Bailey and her group lessons
o Thank you to Barb and Curt Pooley for the use of BCF!

New Business:

The TRPC was saddened to learn of the passing of QCPC friend and supporter, Ric Soliz, in late March. The club sent flowers to Liz (his widow) which were greatly appreciated. Liz Soliz sent a thank you card that was passed around for the club members to see. Jean raised a concern about the use of club funds to pay for the flowers; she also raised questions about club funds and how they were used generally, and her hope that they are used to support members in PC activities.

Lara clarified the matter by explaining that the PC budget is available at all PC meetings (adult members in particular should feel free to review) and that the club funds (including those raised at fundraising events) are in large part spent on bringing clinic instructors in to work with PC members, on helping support members at PC events and rallies, on paying for examiners to do ratings, for example. The sponsors discussed the specific matter of the club funds being used for gifts and decided that going forward, club funds would not be used for purchasing gifts for others including flowers.

See budget attachment. Timber_Ridge_Pony_Club_Budget_2018

• Amelia received her D3 certification tonight (17 April 2018) – Congrats! Thanks to Grace Romanick for helping out with the certification completion.

Upcoming Unmounted Meetings
• Unmounted topic tonight: Farrier Care – Grace Romanick, HB/C2 from QCPC
• Unmounted topic May 6 (Sunday): Stable Management and Tack Care Workshop, multi-club
o Sign up online https://timberridgeponyclub.org/calendar/stable-management-and-tack-care-workshop/

Unmounted topic May 8 (Tuesday): Horse Feed and Nutrition TBD
o Solon Feed

• Lunch for Christian Kennedy Memorial Derby May 27th
o Website has more information: http://www.catalpacorner.org/derby/ (on your reservation form, note that you want to stable with Timber Ridge Pony Club)
o Schooling all day Saturday May 26th
o Dressage + Eventing Derby (mix of stadium and XC in a field)
o ~100 people expected
o Lunch (Chris Sharp organization) + Donations

• Who is attending summer camp? (Previously expressed interest: Amelia, Kyla, Evelyn, Rachel, Alex)
o Michelle Mercier (instructor) + visiting instructor
o Sign up online ASAP website sign up:

• Who is certifying June 9?
o Emma Schmitz is examiner; depending on who wants to certify this will be held at Catalpa or the Quad Cities
o Jean (C1 HM?)

• Who is attending D Camp/C Rally in July? (Potential: Evelyn, Amelia)
o Early July (6-9 July 2018)
o Fox Valley Saddle Club

• Who is attending C Camp in July? (Potential: Rachel, Alex)
o 8-12 July 2018

• Who is attending TET Rally in July (QCPC)? (Potential: Rachel, Alex, Anna)
o 13-14 July 2018

• Who is attending Catalpa Horse Trial? (Potential: Rachel, Alex, Anna, Kyla)
o 4-5 August 2018

• Who is certifying October 13? 
o QCPC organizing the certification
o Sarah Shade is National Examiner who will be certifying
o Rachel (C2 HM or full)
o Kyla (C1); Amelia (C1)?
o Evelyn (D2)
o Jean (C1 HM?)

• Teams for Show Jump and Dressage Rallies in June (6/15-6/17)
o Fox Valley Saddle Association
o TRPC Alex, Rachel and Eveyln (stable manager)
o QCPC has several teams

Meeting adjourned. 8:20 pm

Next Meeting: May 8, 2018 [NOTE NEW DATE]

2018 Calendar:
• 4/21 – 4/22 – UL Prep – Cathy Frederickson
• 4/28 – QCPC Clinic with Ali Glenn – open to TRPC members; contact Dianna or Valerie
• 4/29 – TRPC Mounted and Unmounted lessons (Andria – mounted; Emma Schmitz, HB/C2 – unmounted, topic will be conditioning and cool-out)
• 5/6 – Stable Management and Tack Care Workshop, 2pm
• 5/12 – 5/13 – Mill Creek Pony Club Eventing Rally
• 5/8 – TRPC Unmounted meeting, 7pm
• 5/19 – 5/20 – Fox River Valley PC Mini Event
• 5/26 – 5/27 – Christian Kennedy Memorial Eventing Derby, Catalpa
• 6/5 – 6/7 – QCPC/TRPC Summer Camp – stay at Marsh house, board at Winds Reach
• 6/9 – QCPC/TRPC Certifications with Emma Schmitz
• 6/15 – 6/17 – NCPR Show Jump and Dressage Rallies
• 6/22 – 6/24 – Fox River Valley Pony Club Horse Trials
• 7/6 – 7/9 – NCPR D Eventing Rally, D Camp, C Eventing Rally
• 7/8 – 7/12 – C Camp at Hoosier Park, IN
• 7/13 – 7/14 – QCPC TET Rally
• 7/17 – Catalpa work day
• 8/4 – 8/5 – Catalpa Corner Charity Horse Trials
• 9/2 – Michelle Mercier Clinic at BCF
• 9/18 – TRPC Unmounted Meeting, 7pm
• 10/13 – QCPC/TRPC Certifications with Sarah Shade, NE
• 10/16 – TRPC Unmounted Meeting, 7pm
• 11/13 – TRPC Unmounted Meeting, 7pm
• 12/18 – TRPC End of year party, 7pm